8 Ways to Stay Cozy While Lowering Your Energy Usage

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February Challenge: Put on your fuzzy sweater and turn down the thermostat.

Honestly, this is something I have always struggled with. I am a person who is ALWAYS cold. I don’t go anywhere without a sweater unless its +35. I always wear socks, a toque and a sweater inside our house, yet I’m still cold. My husband is the opposite, he is always boiling. I constantly want to crank the heat or turn on our fireplace, but then I think of the environment. As I write this, I want to turn on the fireplace. So I am writing this blog for you, as much as I am for me.

This lead me to think.. Let’s have the February Challenge be to turn down your thermostat! So here is some help for all of us, as we head into the dead of winter. Heating our home doesn’t just warm us up, it also warms the planet. Home heating is Canada’s largest source of residential greenhouse gas emissions, as most Canadian homes are heated by fossil fuels. Heating costs the average Canadian homeowner more than $1,113 a year, which is more than half of the home’s total energy bill! Wouldn’t it be nice to lower your energy usage and your bill??

Tips to Lower Your Energy Usage

Turn Down Your Thermostat (DUH Launne)

Everyone’s preferences to heat their home are different and dependent on each individual situation. According to greendeal.ca, these are the following ideal temperatures to heat your home:

  • 21° C for basic lounging
  • 20° C for household chores
  • 16° C for sleeping or for when no one is home

Look into upgrading to a smart thermostat, as it will program your thermostat to your desired temperature based on your location.

Layer Up

Put on your socks, slippers, toque, bunnyhug and blanket if necessary. Cuddle with your pets. Do what you can to warm up without cranking up the thermostat.

Annual Maintenance

Get your furnace checked or serviced to increase its efficiency. Make sure you are cleaning or changing your furnace filters regularly as a dirty filter is harder on your furnace system. Finally, make sure vents aren’t blocked by furniture so heat can escape.

Close Doors and Vents to Unused Rooms

Not using your guest bedroom? Close the vents and keep the door closed. The heat that was intended for that space will now move to a space you are actually using!

Maintenance on Doors and Windows

Windows and doors can be responsible for 25% of your homes heat loss. Seal windows that may have a draft and add weather stripping to doors that are often used.

Add Rugs to Cold Floors

Cold feet? If your feet are cold, you might want to reach for the thermostat. Instead, decorate with some cute area rugs!

Open Curtains/Blinds to Take Advantage of the Sun

In the winter, let the light in! Not only is it good for you, the sunlight can warm up your home free of charge. Then, close the window coverings in the evenings to prevent heat from escaping.

Use the Ceiling Fan

Set your ceiling fan to turn clockwise in the winter. This will create an updraft and circulate warm air around the room.

Were any of these tips new to you?

Let me know what you do to stay cozy in your home, or what temperature your thermostat is set at!

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