Launne sits with one of her favourite things. Coffee.

Hello and thanks for stopping in!

My name is Launne, pronounced ‘Lawn’ (like the grass!). I’m a wildlife
and marine biologist from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I have a
wonderful husband named Dillon and two beautiful young daughters –
Ruby and Polly. Our life is crazy as we also have two cats (Frank and
Susan) and a dog named Kathy. What a zoo! In my spare time, I love
spending time with friends and family, hiking, backcountry camping,
quilting and drinking wine.

The Kolla family
Dillon, Launne, Ruby and Polly

My biggest passion besides my family is sustainability. I have made a
career out of saving animals and in the past few years I have become
very focused on reducing my waste. I have started buying less and
when I do buy an item, I pay attention to who made it and how it is
made. I also have a strong desire to improve the community I live in,
as well as the world. I am constantly looking for ways to support
important causes.

I decided to start this blog as a way to pass along the knowledge that I
learn, whether it is an initiative in Saskatoon or a great tip that can be
used anywhere. I want this to be a trusted resource for you to come to
with your environmental questions and know that you will find no
judgment here. I don’t know everything and I don’t do everything
perfectly either. Nobody does. This space will hopefully help you to
make some positive choices for the planet, without overwhelming you.
I guarantee you’ll be able to have a laugh along the way too!
I truly believe that if everyone makes small changes, it will add up to a
large positive impact.


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