What Does Minimalism and Sustainability Have in Common?

Turns out, they are basically siblings.

I think minimalism and sustainability go hand in hand, so its not a complete 360 degree pivot from what I normally talk about. And.. in this day and age, who isn’t looking to get rid of things?

I feel like everyone I know is in the same boat. Overwhelmed in life. They either work or raise children, or both. This leaves little time for themselves and their home. I have come to believe that the home should be an extension of you, and it will either bring you stressful or peaceful energy. Right now, I currently have every drawer or cupboard in my home filled to the brim, closets full but yet nothing to wear, a basement full of unused things and shelves in the garage that might tip over due to the amount of stuff on them. Sound familiar? Safe to say, if I told any of my family that I wanted to become a minimalist, they might have a good laugh at my expense.

BUT- I am striving for that calm space. I want my home to be the place of refuge at the end of a long day. I want to have organization and systems in place so I don’t spend hours looking for something. Can you imagine knowing where everything is? I want to only have what I need, and find new homes for the rest. This is sounding sustainable isn’t it?


Minimalism focuses on living with less, and not needing to fill up the home once you get rid of something. This isn’t a ‘I got rid of three shirts, so I can buy three new shirts’ mentality. This is the mindset of getting rid of what you don’t need, so that you can focus on what matters. Appreciating what you have, and not always needing more. Not buying into this ‘must have’ day and age of consumerism. When you realize that everything in your home once cost you money, you start to see things a little different. When you realize that these things are now costing you space and stress, you know it is time to live with less. After all, you can’t take it when you go.


Sustainability focuses on living in a way that lessens our impact on the planet. Being mindful that everything we purchase has costs associated with it. And not just the cost that came from our wallet, but the costs that are associated with getting that product to us. Think of everything in your home, and try to imagine the resources that were required to make those things. A factory focused on that one thing. That is the hard thing for me to understand- there is literally a factory that makes these shoelaces. This safety pin. This marker. Then think about the water and air pollution. The chemicals. The carbon footprint of the packaging and shipping the product to your door. All the while you might just donate it or huck it into the garbage to buy a new one someday.

The Relationship

Minimalism and sustainability have the same core values. Use what you have and reduce what you don’t need. When you are purging your home of unwanted things, make sure you are doing it mindfully. When you bring items into your home, make sure they are methodically thought about. Think about how they were made, who made them and where they will live once they are placed in your home. When you buy something, expect to keep it for the long term.

Do you ever think of downsizing?

Do ALL of your things bring you joy?

Could you become a minimalist and part with most of your things?

Happy Purging!

If anything, I bet this blog made you want to do some purging and decluttering. Just reminder, when you are minimizing– keep it sustainable. Seperate your things out as you go, don’t just take it all to Value Village or throw it in the garbage. Here are some places for your things that no longer serve you:

  • Sell on facebook marketplace or other local selling options
  • Donate to a lending library
  • Check to see if your friends or family may want it
  • Check out a local freecycle or buy nothing group
  • Donate to an organization that gives items to people in need for free. Just make sure your item is one that is actually accepted.

I’d love to hear you your thoughts. It’s the start of a new year, why not start it with the goal of peace in mind? Follow along on Instagram as I will take you through my journey of living with less.

Keep DOing More Good,


8 responses to “What Does Minimalism and Sustainability Have in Common?”

  1. Really good points! It also helps to resist the powers of marketing, that tell us we need to surround ourselves with the latest products, when usually we can get along fine without them.

    1. Yes! This is so true. That can be especially hard, this is where unsubscribing to emails can come in handy!

  2. I’d love to purge and offload some stuff that isn’t of use to me anymore. My issue is prioritizing the time to do it. And I’m not sure I’m quite there yet.. so in the mean time I’ll take your points about being mindful about any additions I’m bringing into our home.

    1. I totally feel you on this! I’m constantly excited and wishing my house would be minimized but I haven’t found the time to start! I need to prioritize it!

  3. Minimalism I got down pretty good , love purging.. Sustainability I need to work on ..

    1. Then you’ve come to the right place ! 🙂

  4. Thanks for the Inspiration in this post. I like the idea of just starting small, do a nightstand drawer first and then let the momentum build and do the whole house!

    1. Yes we need inspiration for your nightstand!!

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