Low Waste Gift Ideas

If you are giving someone a gift why don’t you:

  • make it
  • buy it used
  • shop from a small local business or artisan
  • gift an experience instead of an item

Here are some ideas that are low waste or will help with a low waste lifestyle:

In the Kitchen

  • dehydrator- dehydrate extra food that is going bad to cut down on food waste, make jerky, or make your own fruit rollups! The possibilities are endless!
  • popcorn popper- mmmmmm… cut down on the plastic and paper packaging of microwave popcorn
  • yogurt maker- I’m hoping for this to cut down on my plastic waste!
  • bread machine – makes for easy bread making and cuts down on plastic bread bags!
  • A coffee pot that isn’t a Tassimo or Keurig to cut down on single-use waste
  • eco-friendly scrubber
  • stainless steel popsicle maker for the kiddos in the summer!
  • oil sprayer- making it no longer necessary to buy cooking spray! Simple refill it with your desired cooking oils and spray away!
  • cheese making kit
  • beeswax wraps – to cut down on plastic wrap!
  • reusable sandwich bags – try a stasher bag!
  • loose leaf teas – try David’s Teas that you can get in a refillable can!
  • Booze – try to fill a growler that they can use again and again!

In the Bathroom:

  • safety razor – no plastic razor or blades, recyclable blades!
  • shampoo and conditioner bars – try Unwrapped Life!
  • bar soaps – many options to replace your liquid soap
  • sustainable and cruelty-free makeup – many options available in Saskatoon from Green Tree Beauty!
  • bath bombs
  • bamboo toothbrush, biodegradable silk floss, and eco-friendly toothpaste!
  • reusable makeup rounds

On the Go:

  • stainless steel water bottle
  • stainless steel coffee mug
  • refillable pen
  • reusable straws – our followers still have a 15% off code in November for the Last Straw Canada with the code “domoregood15”
  • cutlery, plates and a take-out box for on the go!
  • cloth napkins
  • hankies
  • reusable produce bags- to avoid those pesky plastic bags at the grocery store!
  • reusable shopping bags- try a beautiful basket or personalized bag that you won’t want to forget in the car!

Gifts You Make

  • pictures your children drew
  • put pictures in a frame
  • a craft
  • knitting, painting – the options are endless!
  • plant gifts – think succulents in teacups or a house plant arrangement
  • food gifts- baking, slow cooker meals, pet treats, canning (people would never say no to some homemade pickles, jam, or salsa!)

Gifts of Experiences

  • money
  • lottery tickets
  • national park pass – Save 20% on a Canadian National park pass until December 31!
  • movie tickets
  • kids pass to a climbing gym, pool, or an activity in your area
  • family pass to the zoo
  • sponsor an animal – donate to a charity or for a children’s gift support WWF or Canadian Wildlife Federation where a stuffed animal is included.
  • sponsor a child – sponsor a child from another country, it is the most rewarding gift!
  • adopt a family in your community – Many communities have adopt family opportunities where you provide gifts for children and a Christmas meal (CKOM in Saskatoon)
  • buy a gift for a child in your community through Secret Santa programs
  • buy a gift for a senior
  • donate to a charity in a person’s honour
  • Buy a gift from Plan Canada – One of my favourites! You can buy simple gifts such as goats, chickens and mosquito nets to clean water and safe birthing kits to families! Many gifts are matched and can go such a long way!
  • memberships to a gym, yoga or spin studio
  • membership to an art gallery
  • concert tickets
  • tickets to a play
  • tickets to a sporting event (Hello Sask Rush!)
  • membership to a service like Netflix, Crave (HELLO G.O.T), Audible, Apple Music, Spotify, or texture
  • buy someone a book for their ereader
  • spa or massage gift certificate
  • a day planned for the two of you
  • volunteer your time together- hand out food at a shelter or pick up litter along a shoreline
  • restaurant gift card
  • brewery or wine tour
  • lessons- learn how to play an instrument, a sport or speak a language!
  • gift certificate for family photos (great for getting the family to agree to pictures!)

Did they ask for something specific? Just google ‘sustainable’ or ‘eco friendly’ in front of the title and see what options you can find. Don’t believe everything you read as many products are subject to greenwashing, but you likely will be able to find the gift you’d like to give from a company that gives back, is ethical, has a lifetime warranty or is less wasteful.

Or, simply buy them nothing. Use your energy to spend the best quality time together that you can:)

Keep #doingmoregood



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